I have been both a client and customer at Careers on Course. Tamara is a top-echelon career strategist, executive coach, and transition specialist. What makes her truly unique in her approach to crafting an individualized solution to the needs of each of her clients. As I have referred work to Tamara over the years, I consistently received feedback that encouraged me to send more work her way. Once Tamara signs on to a project, she cuts through the clutter, tells you what you need to do, and then consistently asks the tough questions to ensure every opportunity is maximized. I found her particularly strong when helping executives in transition. Those individuals need someone like Tamara who is incredibly networked, capable of giving constructive feedback and can adapt as both the hiring market and the ideal candidate profile shifts. This is her gift - - she's consistently ahead of the curve and can see around corners. All who are privileged enough to be in her client portfolio benefit from her capabilities.

Jim Link

Chief Human Resources Officer

SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management)

Top-notch executive coach. A mutual acquaintance introduced me to Tamara. From the first phone call with Tamara I knew I had found a great partner. Tamara and I worked together as I was making a job change and interviewing for executive HR positions. Tamara is a brilliant coach on multiple levels. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and insights in understanding personalities, behavioral styles, and building relationships (quickly) throughout a job search process. Tamara uses research along with structured tools to prepare her clients. Having Tamara as a coach has made a lasting difference in my professional development. I highly recommend Tamara as an executive coach and career / job transition coach.

Rustin Richburg

Senior Vice President, US Human Resources


Tamara is a great mentor and is committed to helping you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. I know I would not be where I am at today without her guidance, patience, and support. Working with Tamara was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. She listened, foremost, and helped me identify and address challenges in a methodical way, and showed me the tools to continue on the path to greater success personally and professionally.

Jared Serff

Chief Human Resources Officer

Itron, Inc.

I have worked with coaches (myself) and, in my role as HR executive, hired coaches for many other executives over the years and I consider Tamara O'Neill one of the best. She does insightful and impactful executive coaching, leadership development and leadership transition. She's much more pragmatic than many coaches - she's results oriented and the roots of her experience are in corporate America with AT&T. With that said, she's more than pedigreed in the world of coaching, having helped countless numbers of incumbent executives as well as those that have chosen to "pivot" to another role, industry or profession. I hired Tamara almost two years ago when I decided to leave NYC and the advertising industry -- she's been an invaluable partner in the thought process that ultimately led me to my new role at Boys and Girls Clubs of America. She is direct, honest and challenges your thinking in all the right ways -- from the strategy and tactics of search to the research and negotiations related the final stages of crafting a deal with a new company. She has coached a number of senior executives in my network and they have all emerged as more successful and satisfied leaders. Another thing that stands out for Tamara is that she truly approaches her clients and work with the individual's best outcome in mind. Period. She does not look at every conversation as a business development opportunity, which many coaches do. She genuinely cares deeply and works tirelessly, in the interest of her clients. I quickly learned I could trust Tamara and would recommend her without hesitation.

Scott Murphy

Senior Vice President, Strategic Leadership Development

Boys and Girls Club of America