Leadership Development Coaching for Executives

Coaching is an action-oriented relationship that offers insights, increased self-awareness, focus, and accountability. By enlisting an executive coach, leaders meet new leadership challenges, drive mission-critical change, and affect individual transformation—in short, to become better leaders. Our coaching is specialized in providing support to strengthen identified leadership practices.

Executive coaching provides the greatest impact when it:

  • Involves a clear and structured process

  • Uses practical tools

  • Focuses on accelerated personal behavioral change

  • Produces measurable and sustainable results that tie into the strategic imperatives of the company

Our approach is designed to measure and develop leadership at both the organizational and individual levels. We implement this while recognizing that each organization is unique in its culture, people, challenges, and opportunities. Through an objective and collaborative approach, we provide feedback and design development plans.

Executive Coaching Process

Careers On Course’s coaching program is a four-step process to include: Awareness, Analysis, Action, and Achievement.

  1. Awareness - Identify factors in the individual’s performance that impact business performance.
  2. Analysis - Identify the specific changes that must occur in the individual’s performance to yield positive effects on business performance.
  3. Action - The individual and the coach will focus on specific activities and exercises aimed at allowing the individual to practice behavior changes and receive feedback regarding their performance.
  4. Achievement - A defined endpoint in the coaching process where the individual’s completion of the coaching process is assessed and celebrated.

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